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Preservation of American Hellenic History


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    This information is for our visitors with specialized browsers.

  • What (which web-pages)

    This information applies to the PAHH web-site's outer pages, or (we may say) the main pages.

    The inner pages, deeper inside the PAHH web-site, have their own link for accessibility.

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Contact, ways to contact


  • You will have a choice between ways to contact PAHH:
    • postal-mail for all of our visitors.
    • phone for all of our visitors.
    • form-mail with access keys as well as skip links for some of our visitors, most but not all:
      • about the limitation:skip ]
      • the form-mail will appear only for browsers with JavaScript and cookies.
      • the limitation is necessary for us to protect ourselves against spammer's robots (spambots) and other rogues.
      • if the form-mail does not appear for you, then kindly help us by using either postal-mail or the phone instead.
  • Yes, you have the choice between these ways to contact PAHH.

Compliance Level


  • We follow the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to Levels AA-AAA as far as we can through this web-site.

Your Feedback, please


  • Kindly contact us if you have any suggestions for the improvement of this web-site.
  • We would be pleased to hear from you.

Thank You


  • Thank you for visiting our web-site.
  • We hope your visit will be enjoyable.

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