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Salt Lake City, Utah
Hellenic Cultural Association

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At the top of these pages, you will find a couple of links ~to jump immediately to the page text or to the website menu.

Just under those links is the PAHH graphic.

Under the graphic is the page text.

The website menu is at the bottom of the page, after the page text.

You may use the link at the top of any of these pages to jump immediately to the website menu if you wish to.

Tab Index

The first in the tab index is the link to this accessibility page.

The second is a link to the page text.

The third is a link to the next page in this series of web-pages.

The fourth is a link to the website menu.

The tab-index finishes with the website menu.

External Links

In the HCA web-pages, some links go to the PAHH website pages, which have their own guidance for accessibility, namely these links:

  • Text Size.
  • Credits.
  • Long description of the PAHH graphic.

PAHH Graphic

The PAHH graphic is a visual header towards the top of each of these pages.

A long description of the graphic is available in the PAHH website main pages.

Thank you for visiting.

We hope that your visit will be pleasant and worthwhile.

Kindly contact PAHH if you have any suggestions. We would be pleased to hear from you.

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