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Salt Lake City, Utah
Hellenic Cultural Association

Documentary Film
Utah's Greek Americans

An excellent video documentary, Utah's Greek Americans, has been produced through the joint efforts of the Hellenic Cultural Association and the Public Broadcasting Station, KUED.

  • The documentary chronicles the arrival of Greeks in the Intermountain West [. . .].

    They thought they would stay for a short time ~ sojourners, says local historian and author Helen Papanikolas. But they kept staying to send money for their sister's dowery . A girl could not marry without a dowery and poor people didn't have money for doweries. They also wanted to help their parents because Greece was impoverished.

    As a visible and vibrant community today, the Greek-American people owe much to their early immigrant ancestors who in spite of adverse conditions, shaped the Greek-American identity.

  • Utah's Greek-Americans highlights contemporary Hellenic traditions by giving viewers an inside view of the Greek Orthodox faith, the annual Greek Festivals in Salt Lake City and Price, Orthodox weddings and baptisms. Religious leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church explain how their congregations provide spiritual guidance for members through deep-rooted traditions.
  • Utah's Greek-Americans is made possible by generous grants from: The R. Harold Burton Foundation, The Hellenic Cultural Association, The Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation, and the C. Comstock Clayton Foundation.

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