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Salt Lake City, Utah
Hellenic Cultural Association

Hellenic Cultural Library

An entity of the Hellenic Cultural Association, the Library was dedicated on May 4, 1997.

Equipped with state-of-the-art computers, software and printer, the library is steadily building its supply of books, magazines, newspapers, research articles, and oral interviews of immigrants on tapes and on videos, as well as publications written by notable Greek writers and researchers.

Hellenic Historical Monument

The granite Hellenic Historical Monument, commemorates the thirty-eight Utah servicemen who made the supreme sacrifice for their country in World War 1, World War 2, and the Korean Conflict.

Bronze plaques list the names of the 260 Greeks who lost their lives in Utah industrial accidents, listing "unknown" for those victims who could not be identified.

Annual Memorial Day Services are observed every May at the Historical Monument in the court yard of the Cathedral following the Divine Liturgy with the placing of floral wreaths, a military salute by an Honor Guard, remarks by a keynote speaker, and the solemn playing of Taps.

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