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Rye Beach, New Hampshire

Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association


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The HHGA has a nationwide outreach program.


Incorporated in the state of New Hampshire on May 25, 2000, the Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association was formed to promote the importance of Greek ancestry and history.

This non-profit group seeks to provide educational resources and support for research in Hellenic genealogy and history. Publications, lectures, conferences, and volunteer projects are among the activities of this group.

On-line Resources

The HHGA web-site contains links to various resources on the internet for geneaological research, including some indexes of marraiges, deaths, and obituaries.


The HHGA has published its own article of advice, "Beginning a Greek Genealogical Search in the U.S., Mary Papoutsis (2005). It is available at www.helleniccomserve.com/genealbegingrk2.html

The HHGA is also producing a How-to Booklet for Beginners, to provide resources for Hellenic family tree information along with resources for research into Greek villages and other Greek sites.

Workshops / Lectures

The HHGA provides introductory workshops and lectures on Hellenic genealogy for persons interested in researching Greek ancestry.

These are the locations of previous workshops, for example:

  • Dover, New Hampshire.
  • Newburyport, Massachusetts.
  • Fort Myers, Florida.
  • West Palm Beach, Florida.

Participants learn how to fill out a family tree, how to read and interpret Greek handwriting (for those with a working knowledge of Greek), and how to develop alternate transliterations of the English surnames of Greek persons. Participants also learn about Greek naming patterns and about the selection of English given names for Greek baptismal names. Instruction is given for obtaining information about immigrant ancestors in the United States and for launching into research in Greece as well.

Data Collection

Data collection projects by the HHGA include the compilation of a Family Origins Database, the compilation of biographies, and the storing of photographs.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteers contribute material to the HHGA data collections and assist in maintaining the collections.


Mary Papoutsy is the founder of the Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association.

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