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San Jose, California

Hellenic Heritage Institute


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The Institute's Purpose

The Hellenic Heritage Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of various aspects of Greek culture, which constitute the rich Greek heritage.

The primary objective and purpose of the Hellenic Heritage Institute is to research, teach, promote, produce and display cultural information that will be made available to the general public at the Hellenic Heritage Museum.

The Hellenic Heritage Museum

The Hellenic Heritage Museum is located at History San Jose Park on an idyllic 14 acre site with 27 other historic buildings. The site is owned by the city of San Jose and managed by History San Jose.

The museum was opened officially on May 26, 2002, as described in a PAHH news article.


  • Art:

    Exhibits are displayed of Greek artists who have dedicated their works to the subject of Greece. The museum will also contain a permanent display of authentic, handmade artifacts, as well as memorabilia and heirlooms depicting traditional Greek homes.

  • Dance:

    Traditional folk dances are taught, including their historical background. The origins of the costumes, music, and songs are also explained.

  • Food:

    Exposure to traditional Greek foods and ingredients is offered. Recipes are traced to ancient Greece. Cooking classes are given by expert cooks from the Bay Area.

  • History:

    Information and research materials are available to interested individuals, including those in the teaching profession. Seminars are given by Greek history specialists.

  • Language:

    Lessons are offered in contemporary, spoken Greek.

  • Literature:

    Informative, educational and entertaining presentations are made by Greek authors and by authors dealing with Greek subjects. Books will be reviewed.

  • Music:

    Exposure to traditional Greek instruments and music is offered through performances as well as seminars on the origins and evolution of Greek music through the centuries. Small-scale concerts and instruction of the instrument of the bouzouki, specifically, will also be organized.


Board of Directors.

Founding President of the Hellenic Heritage Institute, Marina Velliou Moustakas.

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