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Cleveland, Ohio

Hellenic Preservation Society of Northeastern Ohio


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Hellenic Preservation Society of Northeastern Ohio, Inc., is a charitable, non-profit organization.

"Starting in 1993, the Hellenic Preservation Society of Northeastern Ohio began restoring 30 of Zografos's icons, rescued from the church's attic," according to the entry about the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. "In 1924, Fr. John Zografos became pastor. During his 4-year tenure, Fr. Zografos painted all 85 icons within the church."

HPS continues to expand its worthy programs, which are weighted more to educational programs about ancient Greek history than about Greek American history.

Nevertheless, HPS has collected immigrant archival materials, which are still being cataloged.

Greek Americans of Cleveland since 1870, 2nd edition

HPS published the second edition (2005) of a history book about the Greek Americans of Cleveland, written by Themistocles Rodis and Mike Vasilakes. (A book review of the second edition was produced by the Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association.)

3rd edition

The history book authors have produced a third edition, revised and expanded (2008/9): Greek Americans of Cleveland: Immigration and Assimilation since 1870.

The third edition is available from Greeks of Cleveland. All proceeds from the sale of the third edition will accrue to the Themistocles C. Rodis Scholarship Fund, which has been established in his memory.

Founding Member & History Author, Themistocles C. Rodis

A founding member of HPS and co-author of Greek Americans of Cleveland Since 1870, Themistocles C. Rodis passed away on Sunday July 13, 2008. (See the obituary, reprinted here in the PAHH web-site.)

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