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Preservation of American Hellenic History

Broadcast by the Hellenic Public Radio

In a broadcast on 24 January 2003, the Hellenic Public Radio —; COSMOS FM featured interviews with some of the founders of the history organizations that are represented in the PAHH web-site. The broadcast also featured some of the activities of the PAHH web-site itself.

The original audio file can be found in the Cosmos FM Audio Archive, Weekday Program (Fri., 24 Jan. 2003).

The analysis, here (of the broadcast length and starting times), is by John Skarpelos.

A copy of the audio file in the PAHH web-site (7.27 MB) is available for reference. Real Player 7 + or Real Player G2 + is required to play the audio file. However, the downloading time is slower than the downloading time of the original. For a quicker download, go to the Cosmos FM Audio Archive for the original.


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