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P.A.H.H. [d]

Preservation of American Hellenic History

Regional Groups

Archived Page

This page is archived now. It was active from 2002 to 2007.

For an explanation, read about PAHH.

Outreach, Help for Local Communities

Introduction: From us to your community by personal contact

1. Outreach Purpose, Aims


PAHH strives to safeguard the Greek-American history, past, present, and future.

  • Do you have a history-preservation committee for your community? If not, why not? Would you like to form one?

    Let us help you organize a history-preservation committee for your community.

  • Would you like to learn how to research archival records systematically? Would you like advice about locating, storing, and preserving the records?

    Let us help you research, store, and preserve your community records.

  • Would you like to convene a symposium — a conference, seminar, or workshop — in your community?

    Let us help you organize a symposium — a conference, seminar, or workshop — in your community.

2. PAHH Motto


Have Portfolio, Will Travel: this is the motto we have adopted.

  • We are able to assist, and we are willing to assist you gratis.
  • We have useful material that is printed and ready — experiences to share — recommendations to offer — much to convey.
  • We can assist in person by meeting with you.
  • Or we can assist from a distance by phone and e-mail.

3. PAHH Activities


  • We have helped keen individuals to develop their own programs for the preservation of their community histories.
  • We have also organized series of symposia at local levels and the national level.
  • We have done this in addition to our own successful labors within our own communities for history preservation.

4. Imperative


You must act and soon, or you might deprive our descendants of their inheritance!

  • Each hour we delay, the more is lost.
  • Each day we labor to preserve our history, the more is gained.
  • Do you want to wait any longer?

5. Individual Initiative


A single individual can do it to start.

  • We have seen this again and again. A keen-minded individual takes the initiative to get things rolling within a community.
  • So, do not hesitate if you feel you are alone — but you are not alone; we will stand with you.

6. Pleased to help, gratis


  • Remember this about PAHH:
    • We are doing this as volunteers.
    • We are an ad hoc group comprised of key members from some of the independent regional groups that are represented in this web-site.
    • This web-site is sponsored by the Ascension Historical Society, Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension.
  • Yes, we will help you gratis. We will be pleased to help.

7. Invitation to Contact PAHH

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